Internet connection sharing and a dedicated gameserver

Dear users,

I have the following setup at home that is giving me loads of problems.

ICS desktop supplies internet to my laptop via a simple cross cable.

On the laptop i can use the internet as is expected, browing, mailing etc. However i’m hosting a dedicated game server on the laptop that everyone should be able to acces from the internet.

The following ports should be opened:
7707, 7708, 7717, 8075, 20560, 28852.

I made a port set with these ports. Then i made a global rule that says to allow incoming connections to my external IP (of ICS host) over the set of ports of any address coming from any port.

Comodo firewall kept blocking them. Then i made windows operating system a trusted application that has acces to the port set. I think it stopped blocking. However people are still not able to connect to my server from the internet, lan acces is ok tough.

Any suggestions on how to make it work?

Assuming CIS is installed on both your desktop and laptop it is mandatory to make these rules in Global Rules of the computers. Is that the case?