Internet connection [Resolved]

I cannot connect to the Comodo website. Is anyone else having this problem. Paul.

Yes I sometimes can not connect too… But this kind of problems are too difficult to address to one single cause… to find a cause you have to do some research because this kind of problems are too general…

If you think this is CAVS related, we need more details from your problem. Furthermore, please look at this post:


Thank you for your replies, I live in China, so perhaps the Comodo website has been blocked for some reason. I can connect to the firewall site, but not the Comodo antivirus site. All the Comodo antivirus links on Google are blocked, but not the firewall one, strange. If it gets sorted out I will let you know. Paul.

OK, thanks Paul.


This morning I clicked on a link from Comodo Backup,, and the Comodo Defense popped up asking me to allow or block. Of course I clicked allow, I can now get all the Comodo websites, including the ones from google. I cannot recall the firewall asking me to approve a Comodo link before, so I don’t know if this had anything to do with the problem I had or not, what ever the reason was, all is well now. Talking about reasons, my wife says all the problems I have with my computer are caused by the user, me. Paul.

your wife has got a point there…No offense… but mostly if someone knows what he is doing…than he can fix his own problems…if you don’t well things become a problem and there is no point in disputing with your wife…

but hey, don’t get me wrong I don’t blame anyone for his problems…I don’t blame you either… all I am saying is that problems are part of a computer and solving should be a part too…

okey, Wish you a nice day! (:WIN)

Glad to hear that you’ve solved it. I’ll go ahead and close the topic. If anyone wish to open it again, just PM any online moderator.