Internet connection problems after updating to CIS 6.1.275152.2801

Hello all, after I’ve updated my CIS to the current version, my internet connection won’t work anymore unless I totally disable the firewall protection.

Tried it even with the reinstalling of the program and with the default settings, but the problems still persists.

The OS I use is Windows 7 Professional 64 bits.


Same problem here.

Windows 7 ultimate x86

Can everyone with this issue please list any other security applications which currently are (or even just used to be) installed?

Also, please see if doing a complete reinstall, by following the methods I suggest in this topic solves the problem. Perhaps the issue is not with the new release but just with the auto-update. (Note that there is a difference between just reinstalling and reinstalling by following my methods. Even if you already tried reinstalling please try reinstalling with running the suggested clean-up tools in between.)

Please let us know if this helps. The more information you provide the quicker we can get to the bottom of it.

Thank you.

I am having the same problems with the new version on Win 7 x64. There is no difference, if I update to the new CIS or make a fresh install (no other Securitysoftware installed). By the way, the Virtual Kiosk is also not working; it just opens for one second an then it’s gone.
After downgrading to the old CIS everything works again.

p.s.: I have still installed the Windows Update KB2823324 which caused problems for some people.


Chiron, thanks for your answer. I’ve already did those steps, but no result. I have the same problems on two different machines. I don’t use any security software.

If you have already tried reinstalling the update, along with also running the suggested cleanup utilities in between, and you have no other security software installed on your computer, then I am out of ideas (at least for the moment).

Can you please make a bug report for this in this section of the forum? Be sure to use the format provided in this post.

Thank you.

I also experienced today some internet connection problems and the Comodo server I couldn’t connect but this was solved after rebooting! As for why, I never experienced it with previous version (I’m with 2801) it is still unknown. Everything else perfect on Win7 sp1 64 bits. :smiley:
NB: Version 2801 was installed with auto-updater over previous one. Only the icon of CIS shortcut did not appear correctly on desktop after upgrade. Corrected promptly correcting it the usual way. Hope everything else fine!

We are fixing the issues guys. Thank you very much for your reports. You will get the fixed version shortly.

same problem here.
Windows 8 x64 Enterprise.

Machine 1: ping OK, but other connection to internet failed, but for LAN, it still work. (strange thing is, if change the default gateway to another machine, the internet will back)
Machine 2: everything work, but the speed slowly compare to CIS 6.0.

same setting and rules work fine in CIS 6.0.

downgrade to CIS 6.0, then everything work fine now.

Thank you all for the messages. I will wait for the new release to come. I hope it will be out soon.

will the new version also fix the problems mentioned in the release topic

I assume they will fix the ‘firewall/networking issue’ no other changes expected.

I had this problem when I FIRST installed the new version for a few minutes but it fixed itself. Will let you know if it happens again.

today’s update fix this issue for me. (still same version 2801), but inspect.sys is different compared to previous one.

I got this same problem with Windows XP Pro SP3 Finnish 32-bit version. Now going to try if the conenction works, as the person above said the latest update fixed the problem. Bridged ADSL connection here.

Aha! Comodo guys apparently fixed it. :slight_smile: Now online with my CIS fully operational.

All is okay here installed 6.1.275152.2801, Windows 8 64bit all okay - is the errors fixed, or should I keep to 6.0???

The problem affects a small group of users. Apparently it does not affect you so there is no need to go back to 6.0.