internet connection problem

I have a DSL connection to the Internet, but Comodo is blocking the connection, whether I loggin as a user or administrator. The DSL connection is good, but the firewall blocks it. Is there a way to connect without disabling the firewall?


Generally you will need to create a rule that includes the inward facing IP address of your router / modem. This is easiest done by running the Trusted Network wizrds, found in SECURITY - TASKS - WIZARDS (this relates to version 2.4, not the V3 alpha version).

Running this wizard will create two additional rules that will allow all traffic in and out between devices on your local network (even if it’s just your single PC and your router, it’s still a network ;)).

Have a go and see if you can get it up and running. If you need any additional help or a clearer explanation, just repost here.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile: