Internet Connection Messed Up [Closed]

Twice have I installed BoClean and twice after testing with Trojan Test has it messed up my internet connection. It stops the Trojan Test from running and deletes it, but after that my Internet Connection is dead. I have got to use System Restore.

What the hell is the good of software that does that? I will live without BoClean I think!!

>:( >:(

Go into BOclean’s configuration and uncheck-Automatic clean up of winsock connectivity.

Fair comment, but if its going to mess things up, why is it set as default anyway?


The sixth checkbox is marked “Automatic cleanup of winsock connectivity.” This item is turned on by default as well. However, this checkbox controls a number of additional cleanups which reflect the latest tendencies to corrupt the winsock “Layered Service Provider” (or “LSP”) stack as well as the winsock itself. When certain malware inserts itself into the winsock stack and is subsequently removed, you lose all internet connectivity as a result of the “missing piece.” Leaving this checkbox checked will cause BOClean to examine the “winsock stack” and repair the sequence to prevent loss of connectivity. We strongly advise leaving this box checked.

When I left this box checked I lost internet connectivity repeatedly so BOclean was not repairing the winsock.

I posted that for the guy to try and see if it was the cause of his connectivity problem.

There are plenty of apps out there that can repair the winsock if it gets messed up by malware so people don’t have to rely on BOclean for that specific facility.

I fail to see the point of this. What is the use of leaving this checked when you lose Internet Connection? Bo Clean dosent appear to be repairing Winsock in my case, and it would appear in other people as well!

I suggest someone looks into this very important failing.


I thought Boclean was meant to stop the malware from running in the first place, not to repair its damage afterwards? (which is always a risk anyway). Spyware terminator prevents changes to winsock etc, so why repair when you can prevent?

BOClean will only put the winsock back to it’s original state before you got infected. Maybe someone else could be of more help…

Please see this thread, and report the problem there, so Kevin can give some diagnostic instruction:,8915.0/topicseen.html.

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