Internet connection loss...

I have recently installed CPF and it seems to work great, but…

… I loose my internet connection every 20-40 minutes and I have no other choice than to disable both application and network monitors and to repair my connection. Once repaired, I can tur both monitors on again and it’s OK for the next 30 mins…

It seems like I’m not the only one but I didn’t find any solution on the forum.

Can anyone help ?

(using Comodo firewall and antivirus under winXP)

I am having a similar problem and have not found any solution, except…to uninstall Comodo and use another firewall. Would be happy if someone could advise on this.

Welcome to the forum.
What kind of connections do you use? ADSL? Cable? Do you have a modem and/or a router? Both in the same device?
What does the log say?
Do you have a network/Lan?
Do you use the default network rules? Did you choose “auto” at install?

It “could” be some ICMP messages. To try that possibility, you can create a network monitor rule. (security/network monitor)
Right click the first (ID 0) rule, and choose add/add before.
Set it to allow all ICMP just to try if it works. Do it like this.

Action : Allow
Protocol : ICMP
Direction : In/out
Source IP : Any
Destination IP : Any
ICMP Details : Any

If it works, we can narrow it down to just allow the needed ICMP messages.
It would be nice if you told us a little more about your connection.