Internet connection loss with latest CIS


I installed CIS. Now every time my Windows stats, the internet connection stops working. The only solution is if I disable the firewall and I use the Repair function on my internet connection.

However CIS sucessfully detected my network at the begining.

What is the problem?

What version of CIS are you using? What sort of connection are you on? If you are on a PPPOE connection please update to the latest version of CIS.


When I downloaded the setup for Comodo Internet Security the version number in the file name was this:


In the about dialog the product version is: “3.8.65951.477”

Yes, my connection is on PPPOE. Do I need to download the newest setup again? Probably yes, becuse my problem is still on. However CIS dowloaded updates.

Can you open a command box and type “ipconfig /all” and then set the Firewall to disabled, reboot and try again, I’m wondering why this would kill your connection, because the bug was preventing the firewall to “allow” all traffic.
This looks like it’s blocking something…

Maybe you can see the difference in the “ipconfig /all” output ?

Hi sorry for the long inactivity. I tried the ipconfig thing, but I found nothing special. (only the usual).

I had an old protection software, I unistalled it, the rebooted my pc before installing CIS. The only thing I can imagine is that the old protection software left something behind.

Have you been using the “stealth my ports wizard” ?
I guess the DHCP packets are blocked.