internet connection issue when connecting at home via usb-modem

Hi Comodo and All,

I have recenlty downloaded Comodo AV and FV, also installed it :), but recently I am facing some strange issues.

I have a company set-up laptop on which the internet settings are pre-set, so I had to install Mozilla to browse the internet from Home.

My problem is that the internet was available at beginning, but since I have removed CAV (it was always trying to connect to internet and it horrilby slowed down my connection, also caused a system hang-up when I tried to connect to my company net via Cisco VPN client).

Can anyone suggest what setting should I apply to mozilla if I want to browse the web using direct web access via usb-modem?
Any other suggestion is wellcome!

Thanks a lot!

ps. can you, please, post your reply via e-mail to me, too? e-mail: sarki [ at ]