Internet Connection Gateway, ICS server Question.

My PC is the only one here at home and shared with one of my daughters. We both have Administrative accounts and have a cable broadband fast ethernet connection via Virgin Media. There is no router on our line. I believed that an ICS server was where there were more than one PC using the same internet connection but noticed that in the default setting in CIS>Firewall>Firewall Behaviour Settings>Alert Settings the Internet Connection Gateway ie an ICS server box is checked by default. Is this the proper setting for my PC or should I untick the box?.

Hi bluesjunior.

If your PC is the ICS gateway, you should leave the box ticked but unticked on the ICS clients. It’s not going to compromise security either way, it’s will simply reduce the number of alerts you might see in the logs on the ICS gateway PC.

Thanks Quill,
My PC is the only PC so I guess it must be an ICS gateway and I will leave it ticked.