Internet Connection drops [Resolved]


I have a strange problem.
From time to time I lose my Internet connection. Mostly when I’m not at the PC.

Okay, right now it happened while writing this post.

This is the last entry in the logs

Date/Time :2007-05-15 02:15:36
Severity :Medium
Reporter :Network Monitor
Description: Inbound Policy Violation (Access Denied, Protocol =  GRE)
Protocol:GRE Incoming
Reason: Network Control Rule ID = 8 is the IP of my ISP, the one I also have in my Internet connection settings. is the IP of my PC.

I don’t understand why gets blocked.
I attached a screenshot of my network rules.

Maybe you can help me.


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Hi Philee and welcome to the forum,

You might try changing the first rule Destination to the IP address of your PC instead of the Zone. Try that first and since GRE is showing up you might try changing TCP/UDP to IP, which should include that protocol.

hope this helps,


Thank you Jasper for your fast reply!

I will try that.

Thank you Jasper! (:CLP)

I think you advice worked for me.
I had no disconnection since than. I get now an alert when a connection from was granted.

Still it’s weird that it didn’t work earlier.
If was blocked I shouldn’t even could connect to the internet.

Thanks though for your help!

Glad it’s working for you Philbee. Great job!

Just a little different than most internet connections. The GRE protocol can be associated with a VPN connection(more secure), which a few ISP’s are offering now to secure their customers. Not really sure if that is what you have though. Anyway that is why we switched it to IP(covers most protocols including GRE) instead of TCP/UDP(which only covers TCP and UDP protocols).

If you have anymore questions just ask and someone will be glad to help you.

Enjoy, ;D


Yes, you’re right. I’m connecting through VPN to my ISP and that since about three years.

The support is really great here, as good as the firewall! ;D

I surely will recommend CPF to others!

Yep!! Great bunch of people on here.

Have a good one,


Jasper on the job… ! (:CLP)

As it appears that all is good here, I will close the thread out. Philee, if you find you still have this issue, just PM a Moderator (please include a link) and we’ll be glad to reopen the topic.