Internet connection dies when i submit pendings files.

I have a problem when i submit my pending files. Every time i submit many files the whole connection dies and i need to restart my router. I use the router D-link DIR 100. But when i restart my router the connection works again without problems. I have no other problems with the router.
I´m using a administrator account.

What is the problem?

CPU: 32 bit
Operating System: Windows XP SP 3
Security programs: CAVS_Setup_2.0.17.58_Beta, CFP_Setup_3.0.22.349_XP_Vista_x32
Defense +: Clean PC mode
Firewall: Training mode

First of all don’t put the firewall in training mode unless your learning a new program or just installed Comodo in the past few days. The submit thing is a problem on Comodo’s end. Server error. Just purge,Look up and remove. Put D+ in safe mode and the firewall is safe mode. When D+ is in safe mode you will not have to deal with pending files.