Internet Connect Fails Upon OLE Deny

I have noticed many other users as well as myself, not being able to connect to the internet after denying an OLE or connection attempt.;msg23602#msg23602

Has the aforementioned issue been resolved yet?

Comodo Certified Applications Database Version: 3.0

Hi 072707, welcome to the forums.

It is resolved, in the sense, that it does not exist in CFP 3. CFP 3 has HIPS, which completely replaces the CFP 2 approach to OLE & the relationships of parent-child processes.

Am I running CFP 3? If I am then I am confused because I have encountered that OLE problem a good number of times. At first I encountered it frequently, but, now that I think about it, I have not encountered it in maybe 5 days or so. But I have not installed new software in a few days either.

It has occurred with, both, Firefox and Thunderbird. The security considerations in the alert show something similar to what I described with regard to svchost

When I deny it, because I don’t want to permit the OLE, the connection attempt to Firefox or Thunderbird fails. Usually I can close and restart the application once or twice and the OLE security consideration will have disappeared.

I am trying to find a good HIPS to run Do these security applications mean my XP sp2 machine is now invulnera - Windows XP, 2000, 2003, NT Currently, running Cyberhawk, but it appears to have enthusiastically flunked some nicM tests. Is Comodo going to conflict with my HIPS or is there no conflict as long as I am not running another HIPS firewall?

Are you running CFP 3? I don’t know, you said in your first post that you were running CFP So, I suspect not.

CFP 3 HIPS: Based on feedback of the current CFP 3 Alpha testing it would seem that Cyberhawk HIPS does work with CFPs HIPS. So, on face value, there doesn’t seem to be any conflicts. However, as it is with these types of things (multiple security applications)… this may change and/or mileage may vary. Bottom line: Until the CFP 3 final is released we do not know.

Comodo Certified Applications Database Version: 3.0

Thanks for responding.
Didn’t know what number you were referring to.