Internet blocked after 2.4 update (Solved)

Hi All,
I just joined this forum because of a problem in upgrading from 2.3 to 2.4 version.

I’am using 2.3 since some months, and no problem since I made the upgrade to new 2.4 stable version.
After upgrading to 2.4 (on-line upgrade), I’am able to connect my internet dial-up (WAN-ADSL), but no traffic is allowed for my services :-\ (Browser, Mail, FTP ans so on). This happens also when I close CPF from the taskbar icon (exit) ???

In order to check if CPF is causating this problem, I have unistalled, and after that the internet traffic were estabilished again.
So, I decided to make a new fresh installation, and the problem appears again.

Unistalled again and then reinstalled my previous 2.3 version (fresh installation). After that the system works fine.

Can somebody please help me in this matter?

Thanks in advance


If you are behind a router, you will need to define a zone that encompasses the IP addresses of your PC and your router anad then set that zone as trusted.

  1. To define a zone, click SECURITY-TASKS-ADD/REMOVE/MODIFY A ZONE. Give the zone a meaningful name and a start and end address range that covers all IPs, including your router.

  2. To set that zone astrusted, click SECURITY-TASKS-DEFINE A NEW TRUSTED NETWORK. Select the zone name we created in step 1), click next and you’re done.

You should reboot now to ensure the rules created by the above two step process are enforced.

Ewen :slight_smile:

No, no router.
My connection a simple ADSL modem. Consider also that 2.3 version works great, and Network Rules with relevant Trusted Zones are already well defined (otherwise 2.3 version will not work also).

The upgrade were done over a well working and well configured 2.3 version, and when I attempt with fresh installation I made by myself a complete reconfiguration of zones and network rules, so I don’t believe the problem is related to this kind of configuration.

Obviously, after upgrades, installation and uninstallations a reboot has been always done.

Upgraded to, then found the problem! :THNK

2.4 versions do not work togheter with “Kerio Winroute Lite”, so decided to uninstall this dhcp emulation SW and CPF is now working fine!

Glad to hear that! (:CLP) I’ll go ahead and lock the topic then. If you need to reopen it, please PM one of the Moderators.