Internet banking log in problem

Hi folks

Just joined the forum having installed the new IS suite, however, with the updated version, when I try to log into my internet bank account the log in page will not load. The log in page should open in a new window, at least it did till the new install. I have connected successfully to my bank from another PC, so the only problem therefore is Comodo. Any help out there?

Which browser are you using??? AFAIK, CIS will not interfere with the browser, especially since Firefox, Opera and IE has already been given as ‘Trusted Vendor’.

Just check your browser settings to see whether it is designed to block pop ups. If yes, remove it and try again. Also, if you use script blocking tools like Noscript, it may block the login, if it is script based. Also, toolbars like Google may do that. If you have installed Ask Toolbar, try disabling safe surf and pop up blocker from Ask (I haven’t installed it, so I can’t guide you how)

Hello Layman

Thanks for your reply. I use both IE & Firefox, mainly Firefox. I altered the pop up option to allow my site in tools, but even after rebooting it still will not appear! I only have the Google tool bar, safe surf is not enabled and no Ask. I had to go to another PC this afternoon which uses Windows firewall and AVG free anti-virus and I had no problem accessing my account, so there must be something else that has changed in installing the new CIS. I wonder what!

UPDATE! Can now connect via IE but still not in Firefox.

Try editing your network security policy in Firewall> Advanced, set Firefox to browser and see if that helps. You will need to click OK to save the new rules.

Hi James

Tried that ,did not work, thanks.

I had a similar problem which I thought was caused by Verification Engine, do you have that installed?

Please verify the following settings in Firefox

Open Tools>Options>Content

Ensure that block pop up is unticked (or give exception to your banks address) and Java is ticked.

Under Privacy - Enable Accept cookies from sites & third party cookies

If you have addons like Noscript & Adblock Plus disable them for the time being (you will require to restart FF).

You can enable all of them after the transaction is done. Remember to clean the history (cookies) once the transactions are done.

Hope this helps


I do not have verification engine. Did you sort your problem out?


All your recommendations already in place, I do not understand how I can access the page in IE but not FF, I am considering a complete uninstall of CIS and starting again, what do you think?

Hi Woodsome,

Yes I had to uninstall VE and reported the problem in that section of the forum. I had problems with some forums and even as well as my bank until I did that. This only started with recent Firefox updates for me.

I agree with layman that it is probably to do with a Firefox add-on, VE is an add-on so it may well be another one in your case. I doubt whether CIS is the culprit unless maybe you have something blocked with Defense+.

Hi James

Will let you know how I get on when I eventually sort the problem. Thanks for your time and input.

One last suggestion. Under Mozilla Firefox (Start>All Programs>Mozila Firefox in case of XP) Mozilla Firefox (Safe Mode) feature is available. Can you try using this feature. It will disable all the add ons for that session, while Firefox will work in the normal way.

Hello Layman

Thank you, at last you have solved my log in page problem in FF. Starting in safe mode lets me in, all I have to do now is find out which add on is causing the problem, I will disable them one at a time and report back on findings, this may then help someone else in the future!


Hit it straight off, the problem add on was Skype extension, I disabled it and now I can log in to my bank, plus FF now loads and closes much faster. This still leaves the unanswered question of why this happened after the CIS update, but why worry about it, perhaps Skype will come up with a solution! For now I will leave well alone, thanks Layman once again.

As a follow up, this topic made me think to check my Firefox extensions as it seemed to be running slower recently. I had thought it was poor bandwidth as I am on a marina wifi, but removing the Bitdefender on line scan extension seems to have speeded everything up a lot.

I am very happy to hear that.