Internet Assigned Numbers Authority

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Having recently installed the unutterably remarkable magnificence that is Comodo Firewall, i’ve noticed in my activity logs over the last few days that IANA (ip= has been trying to contact my computer for some reason. And it’s making me upset. It appears as though they have someone working there full-time, and apparently their duties are to wait around until i am online and then proceed to perpetually cause inbound policy #5 violations (my rules haven’t changed from the way they were initially installed with the latest CFP plan).

i did some research on IANA and i’m starting to wonder if perhaps their connection is integral to the, um, progressive goodness of something… Something big. They mention something about Universality.

Does anyone know about IANA?? Should i setup new network rules to allow them in? The protocols are nearly always ICMP incoming, but there’s an occasional UDP. i currently encounter NO problems whilst surfing the internet…


Mouchette - welcome to your forum.

I think 198.168.01 is usually your modem / router IP address 88).

If you click on Start > Run > type cmd > in the DOS prompt type ipconfig, it’ll list all your network devices’ IP addresses.

Hello Soya~

i just checked and that DOS command listed three addresses which were not the culprit. Here’s IANA’s homepage…

i think i’m gonna address them directly and find out just what they’re trying to do to me…

“Dedicated to preserving the central coordinating functions of the global Internet for the public good.”

Well if your suspicions on it are true then that’s an ironic slogan. lol

I think I’ll let someone else who’s more network knowledgeble answer this.

IANA is “The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority”

They are the body who(amongst other things) assign IP-ranges .

The range you mention is reserved for LAN-use and you do not get traffic from an IP
in that range across “the Internet” …
either you have a router,something that behaves like one or you are on a LAN …

IANA has even set up a page explaining you how it works :

IANA “owns” this IP-range : … Yes, that’s ALL IP’s !!
In order to find out who a specific IP has been assigned to you must use the
“who-is”-service of the provider that has had that block assigned.
For the US & Canada that would be ARIN
(WIKI : American Registry for Internet Numbers - Wikipedia)

In short : You are worrying over nothing …

Just doing ipconfig might not give you the appropriate results. I would try ipconfig /all instead, as that will give more information., however, is an internal (Local Area Network), non-routable (over the internet) IP address. As Soya pointed out, it is pretty much the default IP address to access your router. It is probably pinging you as part of your connection, to see if you are still there, and would be safe to allow. It would not be an external attempt to gain entry to your computer.

Hope that helps,


PS: I really enjoyed reading your posts. I realize you probably did not intend them to be funny, but knowing what I know, they were absolutely hilarious. Your choice of words was excellent. I especially liked

It appears as though they have someone working there full-time, and apparently their duties are to wait around until i am online and then proceed to perpetually cause inbound policy #5 violations
. :smiley:

Thank-you all very much!

Yes, LM, the thought that this IANA agency is probably just pinging my computer makes comforting sense… However, after a considerable amount of consideration, i’ve decided to just keep them blocked and let their bullish personnel continually grow more and more perturbed by the unswerving sincerity in my resistance.

Aahh, resistance, yes… The backbone upon which great power is built. I applaud your unwavering determination to persevere! Hold fast with courage, Mouchette - with CFP you can keep them out of your machine!


CFP just notified me of a high severity event!! And guess what it was…

Some tosser at IANA just ran a port scan on me!

That’s it.
This is war.

Actually, the article here
has sort of cleared things up. i’m going back to bed.

Have a good nap. CFP will continue to block the insanity.