Internet access

Hello guys, I really need some urgent help about this. I will try to explain my problem to you and I hope that I’ll get fast response!

So, I’m using COMODO Firewall ( free) and after installation everything is fine and working great, but after 2 shut down(s) my internet is DEAD ( I don’t have access, and all I can see is message that my link to internet is down ), but after quick uninstall everything is fine, internet is back and normal…

So do you know why is this happening?! I really want to use COMODO Firewall because its awesome, but this problem is annoying! I’m waiting for your quick response ( answers )!

One more thing, I’m running Windows 7 x86 version and legit too :slight_smile:

Thanx in advance!

P.s. ( I’m really sorry if this is wrong section, let mods to move it )



EDIT ( one more time )

After searching for some things here on forum I found very interesting stuff and tried doing this…

I use proactive security, Firewall and Defense Security Level is at Safe mode, Sandbox is disabled ( should I enable that?! )
Stealth port wizard is on blocked
Application rules
My Network zones

And I think thats all… so please I would be grateful if you check this and tell me what should I do! Comodo is awesome, and I really want it for my firewall!

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Can you look in the Summary screen and see in the Network Defense part that CIS is not set to block all traffic.

Can you tell us more about your network set up? Dial, up, Calbe, ADSL, is there a router present are you using a computer as Internet Gateway for other computer(s)… other things you can think of.

Do you have other security programs running in the background? Try disabling them.

Same with my internet…
Comodo has “white listed” “trusted vendors” making it impossible to block the “trusted vendors” from accessing the internet, effectively crippling their own firewall, and -in my case- completely blocking internet access if “trusted vendors” are blocked.
If I use Comodo to block Photoshop from accessing the internet, my internet connection dies until I unblock photoshop.
I tried it multiple times, uninstalling and re-installing in-between tries. It was the firewall.

I answered to your problem in another topic: