Internet access very spotty after install of Firewall

I’m running Vista and just installed Comodo Firewall. Since installing, I’ve experienced intermittent outages of Internet access both at home and at work. For example, I’ll open a browser (usually Chrome) and type a URL, and after around ten seconds or so, I’ll get a screen that says the page isn’t available. Repeated reloads of the page don’t help. Other programs (Skype, Gmail chat, Dropbox, etc.) also report that Internet access is out. Often, after about five minutes or so, I’ll reload again and find that it’s suddenly working.

I did not run the Stealth Ports Wizard at all, so that’s not the issue. In terms of LAN settings at home and at work, I set rules to allow all IP traffic from my computer to all IP’s on the LAN, and from all computers on the LAN to my computer.

Attached are screenshots of my ipconfig, zones, and global rules.
Please walk me through this – thanks.

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Your Global Rules are fine.

Can you post a a screenshot of the Firewall logs (firewall → advanced → view firewall events)? You can also try to disable “Block fragmented IP diagrams” under Firewall → Advanced → Firewall Behaviour settings → Advanced. Did you enable other settings in that tab? If so, try disabling them.

  1. My Firewall logs are attached, please have a look.
  2. I disabled “Block fragmented IP diagrams” as you suggested, I’ll check whether that helps.
  3. I didn’t enable any other settings in that tab.

Thanks for your thoughts…

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I see only one things that puzzles and worries me in the logs is this unknown application:
c:\users\emayer\AppData\local\temp\is-OVG1S.tmp\Pathcheck.exe connecting from to

Do you know what it is and is it still on your computer.

What makes you think it is Comodo related?

Do both computers use the latest drivers for their network cards.

Thanks for taking a look. I checked on that strange application (you’ll notice that it was in a temp directory) and it doesn’t exist anymore on my system. I think it was part of a program’s installation files and was deleted (the whole directory is gone) once the app was installed.

In any event, since I made the setting changes you suggested, my Internet access seems to have returned to normal, so thanks! I’ll let you know if there are further issues.

Let us know if you have more questions.