Internet Access Lost

I’ve been using CPF for several weeks now with no issues that I couldn’t resolve myself. This morning, when I booted up my computer (XPXP2), I couldn’t connect to the internet. I rebooted the computer, the router, cable modem, still no connection. Finally I closed down CPF, and instantly was back on the internet. I restarted CPF, no problem. I rebooted the computer, no problem. In this whole process, there were no messages from CPF that anything was wrong or needed permission. So my question is, why did CPF spontaneously block my internet connection, and how can I prevent that from happening again?

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I’m not sure why it did that to you…
One possibility is that someone did a portscan on you or something similar.
In that case CF closes down the connection to protect you.
I think it should show you a sign with “emergency mode” or something like that.
You can set the time how long a suspicious host is getting blocked in security/Advanced attack detection and prevention/Intrusion detection.