Internal ip connecting to External ip

I have a dynamic ip and recently i noticed that my internal ip makes tcp connections to my external ip currently in use, on port 80. I had not noticed this before so im starting to worry. Does this mean anything or is this normal?

What application is making the outgoing connection?

I see this under AvastSvc.exe, which is avast webshield, to the best of my knowledge most connections that appear under this service arent started by avast at all, these are just connections being routed through the webshield, so im confused. I managed to capture this in wireshark too, this doesnt happen very often. My computer has been behaving strange lately so im being a bit paranoid.

If I understand the working of Avast correctly the webshield acts as a proxy server through which your traffic gets directed.

What is the strange behaviour you are worried about? Did you run some scanners to see if your infected?

Random crashes, i ran almost ten tools including combofix, found nothing, so it could be a driver hardware related issue. Im a noob when it comes to networking, and i discovered this during the same period, so i got freaked out. Could this be something sniffing my connection or anything that i should worry about?

What version of Windows and Avast are you using?

Xp sp2, avast 7.0.1456

One more thing though, a hijackthis scan reveals two NameServer registry keys. One of them is certainly my isp’s. 172.x.x.x. The other 10.x.x.x. I dont recognize it at all and i discovered it recently

The addresses in the 172 and 10 range are reserved for private addresses (that means for use on local area networks). It is not something to worry about. In what range is your internal IP address?

The instability could also be the result of a faulty driver. Does looking at the crash logs with Bluescreen View bring any clarity?

Have you updated a driver or utility tool around the time the instability started to occur?

Fixed the crashing, it was caused by my AV software. My internal ip starts with 10, is that okey?

I have a networking question(I could start different thread if OT discussions are not allowed), are people who use the same ISP as me, considered to be on the same network as me? I use a 3g broadband connection.

That depends on the subnet used on you adapter, can you post the output of the command ‘ipconfig /all’ in a PM to me?
(The command should be run in a ‘DOS’ box, Start, Run, cmd [ENTER]).