Intermittent unresponsive mouse since installation of v3.0.25.378

I just installed Comodo Firewall v3.0.25.378 for the first time – Everything seems to be very nice except that the mouse keeps locking and is 100% unresponsive for maybe 10 seconds at a time – it feels as tho Comodo is bedding itself down (at least I HOPE it’s bedding itself down…) and learning it’s way around but I gotta say it’s very close to being completely unacceptable.

Vista x64

Any ideas? (:NRD)

If you have a Logietch mouse then you need to make Set Point a trusted program under D+? Does you log contain anything that might help you?

thanks Vettetech

Nothing fancy on the mouse i’m afraid… just a Trust 302KS Deskset cordless keyboard & mouse - i don’t even bother to install the software for it anymore as it all runs perfectly under Windows.

I don’t see any logs anywhere in the Comodo folder but Comodo Diagnostics did not find any problem with the installation

What other Security Software do you have installed?



I think it’s a incompatibility hardware problem because you don’t have software installed for it…


Mouse has been working great with everything else since Vista was released

Yeah CFP 3 is blocking it likely. Can you disable Defense+ & Reboot, Then report back please… :slight_smile:


thanks 3xist - i’m just walking out the door for the day… bbl

Okay no worries.


well now, s’cuse for the delay…

I’m thinking it’s probably a basic memory problem - When I installed Comodo last Saturday it was at the end of a hectic computer day that had seen more than the average applications opened and used with some very large files involved… Also, Vista has had it’s own way with this computer for 17 months (!) as far as firewall is concerned and i’m not surprised it’s had a little revolt to itself.

… I only have the 1Gb dual channel memory installed but I ordered another 1Gb yesterday and it should be here eventually…! That said, the computer seems to be going OK now that it’s been re-booted a few times and it seems to be settling down with Comodo functioning very well.

Still just the very occasional tickle of a sticking mouse tho but i’m hoping nothing that another Gb of memory won’t cure.

Sorry for the panic (:NRD)

Uninstalled. Won’t let my own scripts run.

…plus too much small nagging stuff that I’m not classifying as ‘user friendly’

It took two hours to uninstall as well! Be Warned. There’s still one last bit of stuff left behind in the registry that I now have to learn about to remove it. I’m classifying that as ‘unsociable’

2 hours…I uninstall Comodo all the time using Revo uninstaller and it takes 5 minutes from start to finsh after I reboot.

Thanks Vettetech, but ur a Computer Security Testing Group Comodo’s Hero with Five stars and I’m the newbie… you know… the customer that’s always right…?


I’m a Global Mod & It doesn’t make a difference if your a newbie or a mod or whatever. We respect all and everything here… :slight_smile:

Just passing through… :slight_smile:


You do not have top be tech savi to uninstall something. Can you explain to me why it took 2 hours?

um 2 hours i think that’s a lil exaggeration if i never heard of one why would a program take 2 hours yes i myself would like to see a reply to this.