Intermittent Av scanning using windows xp sp3?.

??? Hello. I have the latest version of Cis 3.9509 installed fresh. I have noticed that when i conduct either a manual or scheduled stateful av scan, the scan stops for 2/3 minutes and restarts again and then the number of files scanned will have changed from say 50,000 to say 100,000. This can happen 3 or 4 times during a scan.

What i observed is this happens in xp sp3 not vista.Is this normal with stateful av scans in windows xp or a bug?.I have read numerous posts about scans freezing on certain files and having to reboot, but my symtoms are best described as intermittent in that eventually the scan completes after several “breaks” in scanning.

I am interested in finding out if this is indeed a bug and if so how do i go about fixing it.


Sometimes it occurs, that the result window does not display information correctly. Could be a possible bug. Even though it doesn’t display the information correctly the scan continues. I’m sure the devs know about it and are working on it.

The scanning does not stop as can be seen by the hard drive light showing activity going on. Only the display stops updating for some reason. I have noticed this same behavior from other scanning apps, not just CAV.