Hi, i have Comodo Firewall, Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam installed on my PC, which i love btw. Keep up the good work. Anyway i was wondering whether its possible to make all of these link into one system tray icon? Kind of like how Norton Internet Security does with its anti-virus, firewall and anti-spam all into one thing. Or are you guys already working on that? lol.

They have had Launchpad earlier for this, but it was remove from the firewall. I think they are working on an option to use it again. You can ask/read about it in the Launchpad forum.,8.0.html

It’s really kind of funny; when LaunchPad was used, there were tons of complaints against it.

Now that it’s gone, there are more people asking about an integration portal/one icon for all Comodo products.

Personally, I like it separate, but that’s just me. I just think it’s odd how things change over time…


I agree, but I think the launchpad should be optional that way if a user decides later on after install that they want the launchpad, they make a few clicks and its there. But thats just my view.