Interface update in Comodo Dragon.

I really enjoy using the browser but I feel that the graphics included in them are not great. I don’t know what type of graphics you can use but something that makes the browser simple to use sort of like Google Chrome’s buttons. Just make sure that the buttons don’t look like the program was meant for children with buttons that have all the colors in a rainbow. :confused:

I like the soft tones of Dragons default theme;I think you should leave it alone.
The buttons/icons could be better but they hardly seem childish or like a rainbow.

Any way Google themes work fine if you need a new look.

I prefer the look of opera! I am keeping an eye on the dragon when add ons and themes become more extensive maybe opera will go.

I’m not huge on Dragon’s buttons etc. either. I went from Chrome to it so it’s not that hard of a transition but the buttons kinda look thrown together IMO.

The Tab’s look like they’ve been rushed too (the rounded-corners and the ‘x’ to close the Tab. The button to open a New Tab looks odd too. The ‘+’ isn’t in the center; you may need to make the Circle a few pixels bigger).

When I go here…

… And click ‘Apply theme’, it just says, “Could not create directory for unzipping”.

Thanks for that link, didn’t know these would work. :slight_smile:

HEHE I had the Chrome theme installed on my Opera for awhile :smiley:

Yeah the “x” to close a tab is way too small for me.The rest seems okay tho.

I havent had this problem it just downloads to my default download folder and does the rest itself.Themes for chrome are kinda lame so I dont use them.
Dragon’s unique look is one of the more appealing aspects of it for me when compared to the default plastic blue themes most chromium browsers have.That’s the first thing I have to change when using the others :slight_smile:

Chrome’s interface looks MUCH better than Dragon’s. (On Vista aero it does, not tried it on anything else.)

yeah, why did comodo change it in the first place? >:(

It may have been because I was using Sandboxie.

I agree, the Comodo Dragon interface could be made a lot better, I don’t like the tabs or buttons in this browser. I am also transitioning from Google Chrome to CD and I prefer Chromes design. Please give us an option to us Chromes default interface with this browser. :slight_smile: