Interface suggestion

Happy Comodo Internet Security user for about 2 years. Simple suggestion for Windows installations: would it be possible to have the Comodo “shield” taskbar icon change colour according to the state, mimicking the colour in Comodo’s Main Window, ie red for not working / problem, yellow for initialising and green for OK? Currently it’s just Red all the time, but it having it change colour according to CIS “state” would be a great at-a-glance check on how things are doing.

The taskbar icon does indicate “traffic”, and that’s useful, but the colour changing would make it so much better.

Apologies if you’ve considered this and if there’s a good reason not to do this.

Sorry to say, but, there are already tons of posts, regarding the same with different heads. You can just have a search for it in the forum and you can find many of them.

Ah, thanks. Wasn’t sure what to look for (as you say, lots of different titles).

That’s good though - I assume if there are lots of similar posts, then it will get implemented as there’s clearly a need.