Interface not supported

I have a VMWare server running 2 virtual machines. One 32 bit XP and the other a 64 bit Windows 7. Installing Internet Security Free on the XP machine works fine. Installation also works on the W7 machine but when I try to update the virus definitions I get a message that the interface is not supported.

Is it a CIS, VM or Windows error message? Could it have to do with the way VM networking is setup? Please provide more information.


It was a CIS message that occured when I tried to start a virus scan:

Update failed Error code 0x80004002 Interface not supported.

The actual message was in Swedish, I have translated it.

In all other respects, CIS seems to be OK

I assume you are running 64bit version of CIS on the Win7 machine?

This normally indicates that there is something wrong with the installation and or running state of cmdagent.exe.

Can you run Misc, Diagnostics to see if anything turns up?