Interface bug in HIPS Manage Allow/Block List

CAVS might have an interface bug.
When trying to access the Manage Allow/Block List in the HIPS under settings, the GUI just crashes, But CAVS is still running 100% in the System Tray. Now I’m not sure if its conflicting with a programme or its just angry at me. I’ve tryed everything I’ve could think of, I tryed closeing all my other programmes and just run CAVS but nothing. I’m currently running CFP3, Comodo BOClean, Verification Engine & my HP Printer Monitoring.

Is there any one that could help me? (:NRD) I need to unblock a programme that I unknowingly Blocked

Hi mgegersdorfer

Try checking out this post and let us know if it helps you out.


Thanks that did help me. Sorry about that, because I did look for this problem on the forum, but I must of missed it thank you once again (:CLP)