So I noticed that the on demand AV scanner with CIS is at default set for 20mb, but then I tried to raise that cause I have a few media files that are much larger then that. But it seems that the limit is less then 100mb files, why is that? Is this a normal setup for AV’s?


The limit is currently 999mb. That is the max that can be entered in the settings.

Ok, thanks. But my real question is why? Why is it set to the limit of 999mb when some files are larger no matter how rare they are. Also is this normal for AV’s? And I just changed the settings to 999mb but it still won’t scan a file I have that is 699mb. It’s a compilation video file I made and anybody that does media might have issues with this. A bit more info would be great.

a virus that is over than 999megabyte will have a hard time spreading itself.

usually viruses are very small compared to ordinary applications.


But what about archives, .zip, .iso etc? Software in archives spread on the internet containing malware? I guess it’ll be caught in a later stage, e.g. when extracting or trying to execute the malicous content of the [non-scanned] archive.


yep, thats the trade off… but you catch them before they do harm anyway… so no security issue


Thx, that confirms my thought!


Thanks Melih I understand now, you make great points.