Interesting topic on McAfee forums.

someone complained to mcafee net gaurd blocking yahoo sites and they said they were not FPs. I found this very intersing especially since comodo has something with yahoo.


Reading that thread I see no mention that McAfee said this was not a false positive… In fact, the OP mentions that McAfee reviewed the site and unblocked it within hours.

Was there something I missed? :-\

The first reply. If I am understanding it wrong. the moderator said that it may bot be a FP.

when I checked it. the answer was not answered yet so I did not see the correct answer that it was an FP and it had been fixed when I first saw it.

Yes, he did say that. However, a moderator on the forum saying it may not be a false positive is a very different thing than McAfee saying it isn’t a false positive. Your post indicated that McAfee had said it wasn’t a false positive. Hence my confusion…


Sorry if I was a little confusing. The quote “It may not be a FP” is what I meant