Interesting Read

Some Interesting Reads from Windows Secrets this week

Knew this about Adobe and Quick Time . Especially frustrated with Quick Time. There is one file that I say NO to loading at startup. But if I did not have StartUp Monitor to alert me there are several reputable sites that every page I enter on that site that Quick Time file wants to run at startup. Not all programs did warn me about this Quick Time file,

Symantec is a known, I know Zone Alarm did this just before I dropped them. They also were sneaky in another way. I was using the Premium program but did not have funds to renew. Decided to run the firewall basic for 3-4 months and then renew. Then about 5 weeks later I got a message about an update being available. Downloaded the update then a few weeks later a count down started. Forget the Free version, decided to look elsewhere. Liked Nod32 but no money, was going to try Kapersky but uncompatible with another program I used so Kapersky was gone, found Comodo and am a Happy Camper just waiting to upgrade again in August or September.

McAffee the name says it all. Was suprised about Grisoft, and AVG Free was mentioned about tracking your web activity?

Found another meta search engine that surpasses Google in PRIVACY in this issue

"My favorite search engine, ixquick, has just been awarded the first privacy certification issued by the EU. Ixquick is a metasearch engine that provides a small number of focused hits.

“The home page has long had a link to their privacy policy, which states that they do not save searchers’ information. The recently issued certificate backs up that claim.”

It’s good to be reminded now and then that there’s more than one way to search the Web.

And speaking of Google because of its resources it is one of the best tech support search areas but number 2 belongs to


I do not get the Paid issue but 2 articles that looked interesting were

Microsoft presents Attack of the Killer Updates

Information on must DNS patches and DNS risks.

Thats why I use neither program.