Interesting OA/Donna collaboration: integration of Blocklist in CIS?

Mmmmmmmmmm… Cosy

Still hoping Comodo would add such a functionality one day…

Maybe this thread should be moved to the wishlist?

Moved it and edited the title some. I added “integration of Blocklist in CIS?”.

yeah good idea and comodo could use the bluetack lists becasue they are the most complete I have seen yet.

Comodo should give choice for several formats of blacklists. :-TU

OT but what determines what IP’s go onto this/these list? Can they be edited?

I don’t think that is really OT. I wouldn’t mind seeing Comodo do something like this, but I’d like to be able to edit it if necessary.

And the difference between getting this list of IPs, pasting it into notepad and adding to the end of each line (thank you Mr. Macro) and then clumping the whole thing on to the end of your HOSTS. file would be what?? :wink: :slight_smile:

Same net result, easily editable and no change to CIS code.

Win, win, win

I thought it was probably just the MVPS hosts file anyway. It just seemed interesting to me that the main anti toolbar campaigner and the one who refused one very publicly should be working so closely together. :wink:

That’s far too hard… ;p

you only have to setup the import once. :stuck_out_tongue: