Interesting - Firewalls Test Results

It is a tad dated, 11 March 2006 and CPF version 1.1.005, whereas it is at the time of posting.

Comodo have an average score. I suspect (and hope) they will be be nearer to the top now.

I thought this may be of interest.



When this was published Comodo didn’t pass all the leaktests, but as soon as these results were released Comodo updated their firewall so it did pass them all (:KWL). No other firewall vendor has done this as of yet.

I contacted the author of this site a while ago to see when the results were updated and they should be within a few months.


Cool (:CLP)


I wished to test Comodo (v. with those leaktests it didn’t pass.
Here is the result:
PCAudit, Thermite, COPYCAT - Couldn’t test it, cause of my antivirus (Win32:Trojan-gen);
(strange, isn’t it?)
AWFT - Test #1: one point to firewall; #2, #3, #4: blocked by antivirus; #5: second point to firewall and one more point to antivirus; #6: antivirus again.
WALL BREAKER - #1: One point to Firewall; #2: !!!one point to leaktest!!!; #3: firewall; #4: do not know which is better, cause my sheduling service is off.
PCAudit 2, DNS tester - CPF wins (passed);
Breakout v1 and v2 - Win32:Small-AHL [Trj];
Jumper - nice try :slight_smile: CPF +1 point.

So there is just one test that Comodo Firewall failed (may be it could fail some of those tests that were blocked by antivirus, but I don’t want to turn it of. What if it is a real virus?)


Hi, I suggest some reading here…,1670.msg12199.html#msg12199