Interesting Findings

Hi guys

Have a look at the results below. System is a HP i5 4 meg ram 500gig HD running Windows 7 Ultimate

CIS version 4 leak test
SB enabled
D+ safe mode
FW safe mode
AV stateful
result 340 / 340

CIS version 5
SB enabled
D+ safe mode
FW safe mode
AV stateful
result 170 / 340

Scan time 46min to scan 43.8 gig approx 190,000 objects scanned
memory usage during scan -
CFP.exe at 7500k
Cmd agent at 40000 - 46000k

memory usage after scan
CFP.exe at 6100k
Cmd agent at 15000k

I am happy with every thing except the leak test. I tried a coulpe or other configurations but it made very little difference. Anyone have any ideas.

shadha :comodo110:

Alas I spoke to soon. CIS 5 stalled big time, when I wanted to find my safe files, to the point that I had to shut down via the power button. Not even crl alt del would work. I used Paragon Backup and restored my HD to the image just before uninstalling CIS 4 and installing CIS 5. I also just tried the leak test again (with CIS 4) and got 340 / 340. I cant wait to try CIS 5 when it is out of beta but right now I need my laptop for work and cant have it screwing up on me.
What I have seen so far is pretty dam good.
shadha :slight_smile:

Hint: use a Virtual machine :slight_smile:

Yes you certainly shouldn’t be risking a Beta on your everyday system :o

A VM is the safest option,or at the very least some form of disk imaging/snapshot utility should be in place.

As for the CLT results,they seem to be variable for me too,something I’m putting down to the Beta status.

Thanks for your input guys but when it comes to using VM I’m totally lost. And yes I am happy to tell you that I do use imaging software, otherwise I would be up s**** creek in a barbed wire canoe with using a match stick as a paddle. For the moment I will stick with V4 and wait for CIS 5 to come out of beta. I hope the issue of the varying results from the leak test will be sorted out quickly.
Thanks again guys and will keep watching the posts.
shadha :slight_smile:

If I remember right CLT was the same during the version 4 Beta phase too so I’m not overly concerned :wink:

I got 320 with the first beta but 340 now with 1066.

Win7 64 Premium running it in the sandbox.

I get a perfect 340.

I have only the firewall installed, in Maximum Protection mode. On the alert, I select “Sandbox”. I don’t think I’ve had a perfect score on CLT since version 3.