Interesting find by BoClean

Latest scan found this

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Can you please let us know the download location you got this setup file from. Was it directly from Comodo or was it from somewhere else like FileHippo?

I’ve sent a few ■■■ out. You should be contacted shortly.

Thanks again,
Ewen :slight_smile:

I found it on the computer I did the first installation on. The date on the file is mid november 2007 and that seems to be the right date for my first installation. It was discovered by the updated version of Boclean today. I am pretty sure I did the download from since that is the link provided by the magazine where I first heard about Comodo. Do you want the file?


Hi Ingvar,
Do you think that it’s possible that you linked to that download from another site? It seems highly unlikely that a malicious file could come directly from Comodo.I’d be shocked if it came from Filehippo too,I’ve always considered it to be a very safe download portal ???

uknown malware most likely means, some heuristic is giving a false positive!


Hey ingvar,

A couple of questions for you -

  1. What does BOClean (as named in your post title) have to do with the above screenshot? I can’t see a connection.

  2. Your screen shot shows the English version of CFP 3.0.17 or 3.0.18 you have installed and running. This scanned your system and found the malware in the 3.0.16 Swedish setup file? Have I interpreted the problem correctly?

  3. If Q.2 is correct, where did you download the Swedish setup file from?

Ewen :slight_smile:

Ewen :slight_smile:

At a closer look I do not know what program it was that found this!. I am currently running i full scan virus check wit Comodo Antivirus. I will get back on Monday

no Virus was found with Comodo Antivirus. The rather anonymous message must have been issued by Microsoft Malware detection program. Cant verify that, cant figure out how to start it manually. So it is most probably a false signal