Interesting article - Why Antivirus Technology Is Ineffective

The following link is for an article that is quite interesting - I wonder if the writers are aware of the latest CAVS beta. I suspect they would quite like the HIPS feature.


I’m surprised they didn’t mention other HIPS-type products, since there are so many. They only mentioned the enterprise-level ones. Hmm…

What struck me in the article was the reference to MS’s test of their MSRT… My thought was, “How’d they get all those statistics? Was MSRT reporting back to MS? Or was it part of a controlled study group?”


Yes, that part caught my attention too. It certainly sounds like MSRT has been reporting back to MS - when the article says MSRT found malware on 62% of 5.7 million computers it is a bit worrying. Certainly a very large study group if that was the case.


Thanks for this Anderow…

very good article that signals the end of “detection” as the main line of defense and welcomes HIPS as the way forward!

Shame, the author didn’t know about Comodo :slight_smile: