Interesting Anti-Malware Tests

Not sure if anyone is aware of this site,it has some interesting Youtube video tests of various anti-malware solutions in action on a heavily-infected VM:


i don’t really trust the reliability of this on. have you seen how many ‘awesomes’ there are ? also, why aren’t there any written reviews?


Well this guy appears to just be a regular tech like us,not a professional reviewer.It was fascinating to watch these AMs operating in real-time out of general interest.To be fair the guy never makes any extravagent claims about specific utils,he seems to just be an enthusiast with no agenda.

Also, look at this quote from his website:

Remove [u][b]ANY[/b][/u] Virus: Spyware Doctor With Antivirus! Free Scans Now!

That’s a pretty interesting claim he made. :THNK :THNK

Here are some nice video tutorials to:

scroll a little down to the Botnets part

That was an embedded affiliate-link and not his personal claim but Symantec/PC Tools,I agree though it’s interesting (and untrue) (:TNG)

Yeah, that was just an add from google. :slight_smile: Anyway, I prefer written reviews over all the rest .


Excellent link there Ronny,some very useful info on there (:CLP)

Yeah I know what you mean but you can never have too many tests IMO,especially given the scarcity of good information on the effectiveness of the likes of SAS and MBAM etc.

Ad from Google? Then that’s a very different ad from the ones I’m used to seeing, as it links to his own page.

Well, reviews are only a ‘it could be that they catch so many percent’ theorie. I hope they will continue it as it could prove interesting.

Well, I just get linked to Spyware Doctor…


The link from that ad includes information of the site it originated at,that’s how the affiliation works,so Google know where to credit the $$.The problem is once you as a website owner sign up to Google,you have no say over the ads that are delivered,they decide on which ones are deemed appropriate.

I posted Matt’s reviews along time ago.

I check his site oftenly, his reviews are great ;D

Check out his review on A-Squared. It sucks in his eyes. After doing a deep scan then running a scan with SAS, SAS found a lot of left over items. Why pay for A-Squared when SAS and MBAM are free and far superior.

I check his site often it’s really good site. I like his reviews.
BTW u don’t haw to pay for A-Squared there is free version too but right now its v3.5 soon it will updated to 4.0 with AV engine.
All antispyware and antivirus programs leave some left over items no program will detect 100% all malware and u haw to pay for SAS and MBAM to if u want real-time protection.


he dusen’t say that… he says it’s a nice program though and that he uses 3,5 every day.