Interested in trying out Comodo Firewall


A while ago, I tried out Comodo Firewall as it had been highly recommended to me. What I noticed about Comodo is that during the learning process, it gave alerts for every little thing. It made me very paranoid…as I am not a very technical person and really didn’t know what was okay to allow. Certain things were obvious of course like programs I opened and websites, but other things were not so obvious such as connections needed to help the operating system. I didn’t know how to proceed each time an alert came up…and so I decided that Comodo was not for me. I then switched over to ZoneAlarm (free), and found during the learning process…it automatically allowed for those operations that Comodo alerted me on. My paranoia subsided…although I realized, I probably did give up some security because Comodo is much more stringent. Paranoia and panic is just not the best frame of mind to get work done in.

This week I have run into problems with ZoneAlarm. I did an update, and scanned it with Nod32. It detects a virus in it. There is no one to turn to except the forums…who have yet to help me. I am buying a new laptop…and I thought that maybe I would give Comodo one more try with that one. Is there any way to set Comodo so that it doesn’t create alerts for every little thing? If there is, I might be willing to work with it one more time.


You can control how much you want to see of the alerts through the Firewall Behavior Settings under FIrewall/Advanced. Set your Firewall to Training mode and your firewall alert setting to low, then go to D+/advanced/D+ settings and set the D+ mode to training, and Comodo will assume that your programs are OK and learn their behavior, limiting the alerts to one per application for you.