Intercept any program registering itself to run at startup & RightClick NEW Menu

Perhaps Comodo Firewall 6 has this feature and I didn’t enable it but there is nothing more useful than an auto-interceptor. Everything from Adobe Reader to other freeware and pay-for programs, everything inserts itself to

A. Remind you to go ahead and register so that you can stay informed about their other products.
B. Auto-updates. Instead of updating when you have computer resources and time to do it, they start downloading auto-updates as soon as you turn your machine on - crippling it for immediate use.
C. Completely needless tasks are running at startup.

The only solution is to intercept them before they even get a chance to insert themselves. Not to mention malware inserting itself to run at startup.

Can Comodo Firewall intercept apps before they insert themselves to run at startup?

Also, if it could also intercept Right click > New intruders in real-time. Some people need to keep the right click menu clean because they use it for a couple of specific things, and if they are the only ones in there - it makes superfast computing faster.

Unknown applications will not be able to add themselves to startup.

Thank you for your reply. I understand you used the term ‘unknown’. The request is to intercept any, not just ‘unknown’ applications. Known software can still slow things down, we’d like to choose when we update known software.

So in addition to relying on turning off updates for all our ‘known’ software, can there be a feature for Comodo Firewall to intercept them if they try to run at startup, when we need all our system resources for something else?

Now that I understand what you’re asking for I’ve got to say that this would be a very useful addition to Comodo Firewall, assuming it was opt in of course. :wink:

Our computers should be regarded as our own domains where any application should not just come in and out as it pleases, taking up our resources.

Apps should not add Favorites or Bookmarks or Browser add-ons or items to our Right click > New menus as they please…

Intercepting every app (as an option, just an option) should be 101 of software Firewall protection and I would be grateful if you also pushed this until it’s finally included in some future version.