Interactive Screensaver!

I have downloaded 2 different screensavers from a site that i belong to but when i go to my appearance and themes on the computer and click on it it shows up in the box and then i press apply follow by ok.Then if i click out of it and go back in the screen saver returns to the default setting where as other screen savers i have on there that are not interactive work fine,but the interactive ones dont work.Any loquats have any ideas as ive tried everything i can think of.Could it be the firewall and if so what do i do?

All screen savers need to be extracing into C:\Windows\System32.

Thanks but how do i do that? :THNK

Are the screensavers in a zip file? Or did they come as an installer package? Can you send me a link to the site?

I just installed the sreen saver with no issues.

Oh right thats interesting do u have any ideas why it dont work for me?I can watch it as such but it doesnt work as a screensaver.It,s in the sreensaver dropdown in display properties but even though i can preview it when i apply it and then ok it it show the screensaver in the box,but if i come out of it then go back in it has reset itself to what was there before.