Interaction between CIS (Firewall/Defnse=) and Avast.


Recently I’ve been having very poor performance in accessing certain websites, and was wanting to know if anyone here was aware of a any interaction between Avast AV (in particular it’s Web Shield) component and Comodo’s firewall.

I’d also be interested to know if any issues have been reported about Comodo mistaking a ‘batch’ of http requests for PNG images as potentially suspect activity.

The nature of the poor performance is that fails to load tiles within a reasonable timeout, this means seemingly that parts of the map appear as white patches (in Firefox). As I’ve been repeatedly assured by the operators of OpenStreetMap that it is not a technical fault on their side, I’m therefore trying to rule out client side issues.

Please read this post.

There’s a documented incompatibility between Avast’s Web Shield and Comodo Firewall.

I recommend to stay away from Avast 7 if you use Comodo firewall. Just use Windows firewall and Avast 7 but even then it’s full of issues. Best to stick with Comodo AV. Avast 7 is like a bear on one foot. Joke.