Intel to buy McAfee - $7.68 Billion Deal!



I guess they are just looking at the numbers and not the main product.

Wow… Hope they increase the McAfee quality as, in my personal experience, decreased very much in the last decade.

‘Intel intends to build security features into its microprocessors’, according to the BBC.


its a great news for the security industry!

Mainstream Computer players are now taking Security seriously!

Good deal for McAfee. I hope Intel can turn it around and build something good for people.


We think the same… McAfee needs a turn around.

I couldn’t agree more! The 2 most Malware ridden computers I have ever cleaned up had MaAfee on them.


In near future we’ll see “Mcafee inside” ;D

This is a joke–felt had to state that up front because somebody didn’t get it on the Avast! forums

Maybe Intel wants McAfee for testing purposes. If a newly developed processor performs well with McAfee running, they’ll know it will perform much better with anything else ;D


Or a McAfee Processor! Haha.

Missed this.

That is Wow. And that could actually be good… Possible issues: Conflict with Security Software? We will see.


Some McAfee fanboy didn’t like that?

Edit: I couldn’t find this posted on the avast! forums. I guess someone disliked it enough to get it deleted.

Edit 2: Oh, I found it. 88)

I imagine that an Avast user queried the implication that only McAfee performs much better on Intel. Rather than what you suggest. You know… Whoosh! As in, the “point” flying over ones head… you must be familiar with this. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh great wise cabbage, I experience that much too often.

Edit: No, that avast! user wondered why Intel would pay 7 billion to for a testing program. 88) Interesting Software and System News

Will Intel have the money left for making “Mcafee” better, $7.68 Billion thats alot.
There will be a major surgery needed LOL

Intel is going mobile with Android and McAfee has an Anti-Malware Solution for the Android Platform.
I don´t think that they bought McAfee for the PC.
There are at least 80 antivirus companies and you can buy one with only $50 million.
Intel paid $7.68 Billion ;D

No, he actually took it as me being serious and questioned it as such.

Interesting - first they invest heavily in AVG (2005), now they buy McAffee.

I for one hope Intel makes Mcafee better because they definitely need it.

Intel exec Renee James discusses goals for McAfee []