Intel RealSense 3D camera F200 update killed my Intel RealSense 3D camera F200 on windows 10.
The service cannot be started, not even manually, it’s blocked by CFW. I use the proactive security policy.
After a lot of time wasted reinstalling drivers and restoring the system twice, I found the culprit, which is the newest update, supposed to solve Windows 10 1607 kernel drivers signature issue.
The only solution found was to block, for the moment, this update.
Any (other) ideas? Thanks!

How is it being blocked? what does the logs say for CIS (HIPS/Defense+, firewall, sandbox) make sure you change the file rating to trusted in comodo’s file list.

Thanks for response.
I am keeping HIPS/Defense+ and sandbox disabled, just the firewall with proactive security and custom rules.
Just after the CFW update and system restart, the camera (Windows Hello) ceased to work. Restored the system to a previous state, all OK. Updating, the same behavior.
I had no alert from CFW regarding Intel products, I have no malware. I have some unrecognized files, none regarding the camera.
Looking into services, I noticed that the camera management service was the only stopped (normally it starts automatically), and refused to be started, even manually.

You can try to add the service executable to the detect shellcode injections exclusions list and see if that helps. Also does the windows event logs contain an error message regarding the service that is failing to start? You should check both the System and Application logs.