Intel Mobile Chipset

Is this required?

I freshly installed XP & downloading & installing drivers.

There were yellow icons in device manager. Installed the drivers & no yellow or any colour icons now.

If they are newer than the ones that are installed and you want to use the latest available version (which I prefer) then the answer is yes.

What I meant that after XP reinstall I installed all the drivers which I could make out is required from dell site for my system.

I haven’t installed this driver as I dont know if it is required for my system dell xps m140.

Websites from OEM’s like Dell do not necessarily proivde the latest drivers from the manufacturer of the used chips. See if the one provided by XP is newer than what Dell provides and if the Intel website has a newer version for download.

I just want to know if this is required for my system or not.

Running the Intel System Identification Utility should help tell you what your system does and doesn’t require.
Also the Intel Driver Update Utility could help.

Thanxx, this was useful & exactly what I wanted.

You mention install the latest version from Intel.

But Intel driver verification utility mentions that its customized version by your manufacturer. Running the latest version instead of the customized version by manufacturer may have technical probs on the system. So download & install the latest from manufacturer site.

So I guess I should install whatever latest version manufacturer site has, wot say?

Hope they helped.


IMO trying the latest available versions can have positive outcomes and if anything negative appears you can roll back or install the previous version.
That is just my opinion.

I installed the latest from intel site & everything is fine.

Thanxx for your help frds.


Glad to hear all is ok. :slight_smile: