Intel desktop utilities/V.507,508,509

I am still having the same problems with V.509.
IDU will not open.
I have tried reinstalling but it makes no difference.
CIS was a clean install and my operating system is XP Home SP3.
I havn’t dared installing on my Windows 7 computer because i know the problem will be the same as it was before.
Please Egemen let’s have a fix
Thank you.

I forgot to mention that RC1 and RC2 caused no problems.It is just 507, 508 and 509 that are the villans.
Hopefully 510 should see it sorted.

still no fix

Problem resolved.
I thought the problem was the Comodo Firewall and or Defense + but no the problem was Comodo Anti Virus.
I am now running the Comodo Firewall and Defense + Avira anti virus.
No problems,all running perfectly.
All programs open perfectly especially IDU.