Intel CPUs Security Vulnerability


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It’s been a month or so since news broke that a security flaw in Intel’s CPU firmware allowed for malware to be installed and allowed the possibility for malware to resist OS re installations. Basically opening a door for a god like malware.
Only CPU’s prior to Sandy Bridge (2nd generation intel) are affected, and it seems that no fix will ever be provided for this. Intel did release firmware upgrades for affected server motherboards.
Although a really dark scenario the vulnerability seems hard to exploit. And to be installed the user needs to allow low level access to the OS. Is at this level that security software can also prevent the attack.

So I would like to know how can Comodo protect us from this vulnerability. I wonder if the sandbox would be able to efficiently top this since what is visualized is the OS and not the hardware (I assume), would a program still be able to infect the system exploiting the Intel chip?

The following links are the processors you are referring to?

Yes those. All chips prior to 2nd generation (excluded) are reported to be affected. So basically if you have an intel chip from before 2011.

In the first post it says processors prior to Skylake, should this not say processors prior to Sandy Bridge? That’s what I got from the link? ???

Yes it should. My mistake. I will correct that in the OP