intel core i7

@ /LA time to upgrade? 88)

Given the cost of the Core i7’s with the compatible motherboards & memory (a min 3x1GB DDR3 for the quad channel)… :o I’d say yes, it will probably be worth looking at some of the Q range CPUs in a few months & the LGA775 mobo’s might drop in price as well. The Core i7’s themselves? For me: Not until the price drops.

yeah yeah, you’re just grumpy 88)

how long they will release the i7 for notebook/laptop?
i think i should sell my core2duo laptop ASAP before the price drop 88)

I believe the mobile Core i7 CPUs are slated for 2009 Q1/Q2. But, I would imagine that Intel would really like to get something out for Xmas or as early as is inhumanly possible, if not sooner, tomorrow if they could. Anything to generate revenue.

If it’s all you have to connect to the Internet, I’d sell it right now. ;D

It seems the problem is always the cost!!! Add to that the taxes in my country and you better win the lottary!!! >:-D

■■■■ the ■■■■■■ taxes! (:AGY)

I just hope that the intel quad cores and xeons (yes! Xeons are on my sight!), so that I finally can build my system!!! ■■■■, I’ve been waiting to build it for the least year and a half!!! Can you believe this? The prices of the hardware I picked in the first time, never dropped? :o >:(

:-TU :-TU :-TU :-TU :-TU :-TU For once kail, you give great advice.

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What I see of the testing results, my Q6600 is quite comparable to the Core i7. No need to upgrade hardware just yet.