Integrated Spyware Scan into Virus Scan

In the CIS 5 Beta videos i saw seperated spyware scan in the scanning page. I didn’t like it because when i click on scan button it should scan for every kind of threat. So it’s your turn to say your opinions.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Spyware scan is integrated in all 3 default scan profiles (My Computer, Critical & Spyware scan).
Sigs are not loaded in to the AV database though…

I want My computer scan and Critical Areas scan. These should scan for spyware too.

That’s what I was writing, they include Spyware scan.

I don’t see any point to scan for spyware especially. This can cause confusions because users may think Computer scan is for viruses and they scan with Spyware Scan to be sure.

But i know Computer and Critical Areas Scan includes spyware scan. I just couldn’t explain it clearly because of my English.

No problem, So you wish to exclude the spyware scan from the virusscan?

When av companies started to add spyware definitions they added Spyware Scan option but then we don’t see any seperated scan because then merged everything into one simple button. ( full or quick scan ) I just want to have same menu just like in the CIS 4. Spyware Scan link is unnecessary i mean.

I agree. Malware is malware. Just give the ordinary scan options so that the user knows it’s searching for all types of malware.

:-TU agreed, what the point of having it, if My computer scan and Critical Areas scan already scan for spyware. Is it due to fast scan times, scan for spyware only its fast than scan for all malware. But how would a user know that he’s infected with spyware and is not infected with other type of malware.

we may have one fast scan for ALL active threats in memory inclusive of all malware including tracking cookies

Not for now, but my guess this will have impact in the future :wink:

Yes, it would be better to have separate memory scan :-TU instead of this embarrassing ‘spyware scan’ :-TD. Separate ‘spyware scan’ incorrectly implies that other scans omit spyware. Then why don’t add a dozen additional scans:
‘trojan scan’,
‘backdoor scan’,
‘virus scan’,
‘heur suspicios scan’,
‘UnclassifiedMalware scan’,
‘PUP scan’,
‘adware scan’,
‘rootkit scan’,
‘keylogger scan’,
‘joke scan’,
‘pornware scan’,
‘dialer scan’,
‘riskware scan’,
‘some strange programs scan’,
‘whatssoever scan’,
‘what the hell is this scan’,
‘what else to scan scan’…