Integrated KS, CCE & AR

I have latest CIS 6…2813 version installed.

Integrated KillSwitch, CCE & AutoRun shows 2801 version.

Is this correct or something wrong here?

Win 7 64

Everything is correct. I have the same.

Thanks Seany007, confirmed here also. :-TU

Thanxx for the info guyz.

Why virus signature database version (Integrated CCE ) is “1”?, Therefore it is not able to detect malwares in my system!

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I noticed that a while ago. At first I imported database from CAV into CCE. But I think with CAV it works like that. I have 1 as well now. So is Chiron. So it goes for all?

I too have 1 & have reported this few days back in the forum here but couldn’t find the thread now.

Here you go. :wink:

I have vdb 16195 on XP. ???

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Hi Jahn,
Was the DB automatically imported or manually?
I was able to manually import it from CIS to show the current version DB on Win7 and Vista, maybe this is a bug?

No, I didn’t import anything. My CAV vdb is 16198 so I assumed CCE updated from or used CAV.

Thanks, yes it is suppose to pick up the DB from CAV.
This means yours is working as it should, this maybe a bug using later Operating Systems.
Was this a fresh install of CIS/CAV or an update from the previous version and is it the current version?
Thanks for your time.

It is a fresh install of 2813 on a new build of XP. I notice several vdb files in my scanners folder. Is that normal?

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Hi Jahn,
I am not sure why we sometimes get multiple bxxxxxx.cav, maybe a failed DB update not sure.
Leave the newest bxxxxxx.cav and the bases.cav, the other can be safely deleted AFAIK with no adverse effects.


By the way mine is fresh install of 2813. I manually removed leftovers of previous version.

OK, thanks for that. Rather than delete the file, I’ve temporarily added a .old extension to it. If no adverse reaction I’ll delete it in a week or so.