Integrate System Driver, Software and Registry Update/Backup & Optimized GUI

Driver Update/Backup and Report; complete Third Party driver management

Registry Backup (already partially offered in Systems Utilities)

Software Update

Optimized GUI for viewing various Windows logs and reports - i.e. msinfo32 (Windows Error Reports), Reliability History logs, etc

Optimized GUI (single button “click”) to access existing, but cumbersome to access, Windows features - i.e. System Repair, Events Console, Maintenance functions, etc, etc. (already offered in Programs Manager to a limited extent)

Integrate above features into either PC Tuneup/System Utilities and unify/combine with Programs Manager

Bundle PC Tuneup/System Utilities and Programs Manager with Comodo Internet Security Premium…

And by the way, when are Windows 8.1 compatible versions of PC Tuneup, Comodo System Utilities and Comodo Programs Manager going to come to market???

Fully develop a solid product and charge a fair price…