Integrate Parental Control, Verification Engine, Anti Spam with CIS

Can you Please Integrate Comodo Verification Engine, Anti Spam and a Parental Control Module (if any) in to Comodo Internet Security, which makes it a more complete security suite… :P0l

Antispam module in the CIS isn’t needed because most of the people use online mail services (GMail, Yahoo etc.). Online Armor did a great move with removing that module in their firewall. After all, you can install Comodo AntiSpam like a separate product.
Parental Control is already integrated.

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The parental control in CIS is only an alert suppressor, it doesn’t stop children from going to playboy and looking at porn.
This topic belongs in the wishlist - cis forum.

As mentioned above, parental control (protection from adult content in internet) is not presently available in CIS 5.

Antispam module is for mail clients and not webmail services. Thunderbird, outlook etc., need this feature.

I would move this topic to wish list page if needed/asked by any moderator.

:-TU for parental control, although I would prefer this as a standalone application.


Any Progress?