Integrate KillSwitch with CIS

I think that KillSwitch should be integrated with CIS, because it is very useful tool. I know, that someone has already written this in his post, but there were a lot of wishes and I wanted to make this one more visible.

i dont think comodo will do this because killswitch is a very powerful tool and it can do damage to your system if used wrong.

I think, that they could add notice that this is tool for advanced users only. There can also be information, that user takes full responsibility for damages made using it.

Well they could put Killswitch but as I have suggest the next CIS can have to option during installation normal for average user, where for instance killswitch is not shown and advanced mode where it’s shown.

Valentin N

I would like to see this integrated in CIS.
Why? it would give the users extreme power at their fingers.
Just like Norton Power Eraser is integrated in NIS.

KillSwitch is based on open source project Process Hacker, and the license does not allow using the code in a closed source application, like CIS.

I have forgotten about that KillSwitch is under the GPL.